Our Story The beginning

David & Terri  Nguyen the founders of Nailique Spa.

My grandfather opened nail’s Beauty Academy in vietnam in the early 1950s. My father took over the school about 1990, and my brother, Lee, managed it in the late 2000s. Since both my parents and both my brothers were in the business, it seemed natural for me to follow their lead and go to Stewart’s Academy right after high school graduation.

We are a full-service salon featuring We have skin care services, including facials, skin treatment,waxing and more.. Nail services include manicures, all kinds of spa pedicures and artificial nails, design, glitter gel , 3d gel art, silk,and much more…

As a family business owner, I enjoy planning, managing and the bookwork part of owning a business, as well as keeping busy with clients. It’s gratifying work. Some of our clients have been coming to the salon since we open this one in deltona fl, and when there is a special occasion in their lives, we get to be a part of that. It’s exciting to see the difference that can occur in someone when a change is made in their nail color or toe nail style and cleanest face. It can really boost their self-confidence.

The most challenging and the most rewarding aspect of owning a salon is the staff.

There are 10 of us, some part time, some full time. Level of experience is from eight years to 17 years in this business. We stay current on our techniques and styles by attending advanced training classes several times a year. We pick up new tricks and techniques from just watching each other, going to the nail show twice a year.

Searching our style

I think our dedication to education is a big reason we have been successful. Treating customers and workers with respect and honesty makes the work environment a pleasant place to be. Also, we concentrate our efforts on making our clients feel important, taking the time to listen to the challenges they have with their Nails and providing answers in the form of Design tips, a good Skin and products for them to use at home.

Well, that’s a great question Tammy. I would say that three most important questions are:

  1. Qualifications and certifications – you want to know who is the person, and where they got their certification and if they have a current license.

  1. Their experience and expertise. It is very important to know that the person you are looking for knows about the treatment that you are looking for. How long they been doing it. How long they have been practicing in the area, or somewhere else.

  1. It’s the reviews and what people say online. You just go do Google +, or  https://www.facebook.com/pg/NailSalonHomewoodNailiqueSpa reviews all of those tools we have now a days online and you can check for reviews and comments about the nail salon that you are looking for.
    performers on her team, year in and year out. She consistently exceeds assigned revenue targets by effectively managing bank partners and self-sourcing opportunities. Four years ago she decided to put herself back through school on nights and weekends to gain a managing esthetics degree and a managing manicurists license.

New Generation

David & Terri had a vision of The Nailique Spa and wanted to start from the bottom up.

Salon implements should be sanitized for the safety of each client that’s coming through that door because it’s a major responsibility, as a manicurist, to clean that stuff, where you’re not spreading infection to your clients. One way of cleaning implements is either a heating system, which called an autoclave or there could be an implement box with barbicide that soaks for ten minutes and then taken out, put into a closed area in between clients. It’s very, very important, it’s just like getting an operation by a doctor. If you’re going to go have a surgery by a doctor, you want to make sure the needles his is pulling out are fresh. The scalpel is not used from somebody else two minutes ago in a surgery. I mean, it’s that important. Cleaning implements at a manicure as well as going into any type of surgery.

They are going to have the best experience, from the moment that they make the phone call because our calls are going to answered by our receptionist with a big smile on their face. That will translate to the moment when they walk into our office. We have a state of the art facility with latest design,, and brand new spa pedicure chair and sterilization area, where they can be treated as family because we are a family nail salon, and that’s what we want to feel. They are part of our family.

We’re different in that we provide treatment and service to family, and friends but it’s given by a specialist. Like for instance, we’ve got a specialist, who will take care of the adult population, giving their best treatment to them and at the same time, for the little kids, we have nice treat that will help them throughout all their appointments and make sure they have a wonderful, wonderful experience here, in our office. At the same time, we are bi-lingual. We are Vietnamese speaking, so we also offer that service to our clients, that’s their language that we’re speaking.

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